This spring 2018, Yvette Trevino is pleased to announce the addition of La Tejana Concrete to the La Tejana Brand. Ms. Trevino is an entrepreneur and a former City Planner and Asset Manager for the City and County of Denver. She holds a BA in Economics and an MS in Urban Administration. She presently operates Busy Bee Landscaping and La Tejana Trees, Fencing and Hardscapes in the Boerne, Fair Oaks Ranch area.

What can your service do for me?

In short, we make your life easier by:

  1. Identifying the exact trees or plants you want and need for your project site.
  2. Personally selecting the best quality plants and trees for your project.
  3. Arranging to have all your plants and trees delivered.
  4. Having your trees and plants professionally planted.
  5. Getting you the most trees and plants for your money.

Where are you located?

I am a Plant and Tree Broker, serving as a consultant and am only available by appointment. You can purchase your plants and trees through me at a considerable savings and have your own landscaper install them or I can arrange to have everything installed for you.

Will you have plants and trees at your location?

No, at this time my service is designed to provide trees and plants by individual order to the door of your specific project. You may click any of the following links to see our current available stock, with specific sizes and pricing with or without planting service:

What types of warranties do you offer?

La Tejana Tree Sales works diligently to provide you with healthy well-grown stock. We warrant stock we sell and install for a period of 30-days from the installation date, because there are many factors we cannot control such as:

  1. Whether or not any trees or plants have expired due to under-watering, over watering, high winds, hurricanes, tornadoes, abnormally cold winters or abnormally hot summers, poor drainage, poor soil conditions, animal damage, lightening strikes, over fertilizing, over pruning and/or any other acts that may have caused injury to the trees or plants, by the property owner, person(s) managing the property or a third party service.
  2. Whether or not any trees or plants have been transplanted/relocated. Further, the history, conditions and care of the tree(s) being relocated are unknown and will have a factor in survival of the tree(s) once transplanted.

We advise all of our clients to obtain home owners or commercial insurance that specifically protects their financial investment in their trees and plants should they be damaged by natural disasters or fire.

How much do you charge for delivering my order?

Delivery fees vary according to size of order and range of delivery.

What kinds of things cost extra?

Additional fees will apply if planting in bedrock requires heavy machinery, if the tree being planted requires a crane to be planted and/or additional labor is required. Multiple trunk specimen and specialty trees are of course, more expensive.

Do you provide customer service?

Of course! La Tejana was created to provide personal service, just like a real estate agent helps you find a property, I help you find the right trees and plants.

Browse our online library by clicking on any of the following links: