We Install top of the line irrigation systems for residential and commercial properties

In San Antonio and the surrounding Hill Country—grass, plants and trees cannot survive our harsh summers without regular and well-timed watering. In some cases property owners are forced to replace expensive trees, shrubs and entire due to lack of proper watering. La Tejana Li #16013 can easily protect your landscape investments by professionally installing a top of the line irrigation system.

We are a full-service company offering design, installation, and maintenance of lawn sprinklers for residential, ranch and commercial properties. We provide free consultations on new systems and will visit your property in order to ascertain your watering needs keeping one goal in mind, saving you money over the life of your irrigation system.

We’d love to visit with you to discuss you’re landscape irrigation needs. You can be certain you will get the best in irrigation technology by choosing us. We use the highest quality parts by Hunter, Rainbird, Irritrol and Weathermatics for years of trouble free performance. Further, all of our sprinkler systems come with a full one year parts and labor warranty.

How much does a new irrigation system cost

A general price range is listed below:

1/8 acre (6,000-8,000 sq. ft. including house) $3750

1/4 acre (10,000-12,000 sq. ft. including house) $4750

1/3 acre (14,000-16,000 sq. ft. including house) $5750

1/2 acre (20,000-24,000 sq. ft. including house) $6750

3/4 acre (34,000-36,000 sq. ft. including house) $7750

1 acre (44,000 sq. ft. including house) $8750+

Other factors affecting system costs

Here are a few things that affect pricing:

Complexity of plumbing.

Water pressure.

Type of backflow.

Cost of permits.

Shape of property and terrain.

Hardscaping (driveways, patios, walkways).

Additional cost of parts and labor.

Types of Repairs We Do

Service Call 20 Point Analysis and Tune Up $85

Minor Repair of 4 Sprinkler Heads (Nozzles)
Install A New Gear Drive Rotor Head
Raise & Install New Spray Head
Cap Head
Install Risers
Repair 1″ Lateral Tee Without Tree Roots
Minor Valve Repair (Sprinkler Valve Solenoid) 
1″ Control Valve  
1″ Control Valve Replacement 
Valve Repair Over 1″ 
Replace Brass Below Grade Backflow 
Install 1″ Above Grade High Hazard Backflow 
7 Station Indoor Professional Controller & Rain Sensor 
13 Station Indoor Professional Controller & Rain Sensor
Battery Operated Controller
Add Spray Head Near Existing Line good soil 
Add Spray Head 30′ From Another good soil
Electrical Troubleshooting
Re-routing irrigation after pool installation
Add Zones