We only provide number one quality plants and trees that are disease free having been inspected by the Texas Department of Agriculture and the USDA. As such, La Tejana Tree Sales guarantees that your trees and plants will remain disease free for 90-days from date of installation as long as we do the planting and the plants and trees are purchased from us.

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  1. We cover all regularly priced trees and plants in the 30-gallon through 45-gallon range with a 100% warranty in the event they perish from disease.
  2. We cover all trees and plants in the 65-gallon through 95-gallon range with a 50% warranty in the event they perish from disease.
  3. We cover all trees and plants in the 150-gallon through 300-gallon range with a 25% warranty in the event they perish from disease.
  4. The customer will be responsible for the cost of labor for any and all replacement trees.
  5. Customer must provide proper care and watering instructions are provided via our website click here to go to our “Tree Watering Guide.”
  6. Using a sprinkler system or a tree gator bag will not cover your tree under the “La Tejana Tree Sales Warranty.”
  7. Warranty specifically excludes the following: Under watering, over watering, high winds, tornadoes, abnormal winters or abnormal summers, poor draining ground conditions, soil conditions, animal damage, lightning strikes, over fertilization, over pruning, and any other acts that may cause injury to the tree(s) by the property owner, person(s) managing the property or a third party service.
  8. Replacement tree(s) or plant(s) will be of the same size and specimen as purchased on the original invoice. For instance, if a customer originally purchased a “45-gallon” size tree, when the warranty is used, the replacement tree will be a “45-gallon” size tree as well.
  9. La Tejana Tree Sales reserves the right to substitute plants and trees due to the shortage of plant material in the marketplace.
  10. Warranties do not cover the cost of watering, fertilizing, or trimming during the term of the warranty.
  11. If the warranty is exercised during the warranty period and a replacement tree is planted, the replacement tree will be under warranty for the time remaining from the initial 90-day warranty period. 
  12. If during the warranty period the tree dies, La Tejana Tree Sales will have up to 180-days to provide the replacement.
  13. Warranty specifically excludes trees that are transplanted or otherwise relocated. The history, conditions and care of the tree(s) being relocated are unknown to us and will prove to be a factor in survival of tree once transplanted.

Updated on 12-03-2022

We can make arrangements for irrigation systems to be installed with your purchase for an additional fee. Manual watering or other appropriate watering systems such as bubblers and drip line systems are recommended for the first 16 months from the date of tree planting to water your new tree(s) and plants in most instances.