Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental Grasses

Fountain Grass

Fountain grass, with its graceful arching leaves, makes an amazing landscape or container plant that blends well with almost any annual or perennial flowers. Fountain grass can grow 2 to 3 feet tall, forming lovely plumes of pretty flowers in the late summer. It's a super-easy plant to grow in any sunny spot. There are many varieties of fountain grass available; the hardiest ones will grow in cold-winter areas of zone 4.

Gulf Muhly

The green, needle-like foliage of Muhly Grass emerges during the spring and grows to mature size by summer, providing an excellent texture variation for perennial borders, flower beds and rain gardens. In the fall, it creates a spectacular floral display of light, airy flowers. Its pink, purple or white flowers fade to tan or brown seed plumes, which hold up well from late fall through winter.

Lemon GRass

An easy to grow grass that requires warm, humid conditions, full sunlight and plenty of moisture. A tender perennial that is commonly grown as an annual in cooler areas. Plant after the last frost or grow it in a pot and move it outdoors after temperatures warm in the spring. Water and feed regularly from June through September to maximize growth. It can grow 3 to 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide. It grows slowly until the heat of summer arrives.


Liriope plants are herbaceous to semi-evergreen (depending on location) perennials. They are treated as an ornamental grass, even though they have traditionally been considered a member of the lily family, as the common name, "lilyturf" suggests. In terms of landscaping use, they are employed as a ground cover. The blades of Liriope reach, at most, 1 foot in height, with a narrower spread. This is a clump-forming perennial.

maiden grass

Maiden grass would be worth growing for its graceful arching form, alone. But it boasts coppery flower heads in early fall that later become silvery white plumes. When in flower, this clump-forming plant will reach 6' to 8.' Stems redden in fall. These leaves yellow up somewhat by mid-fall and may fade to a beige in winter -- still colorful enough for us to say that the plant truly comes into its own in winter when there is little else left in the landscape for visual interest.

Mexican Feather Grass

Native to Texas and Mexico, this grass has very fine green foliage which is extremely delicate and soft in appearance. Mexican Feather Grass is a light feathery ornamental grass that moves every so gracefully with each breeze. When planted in groups of 5 or more, your Mexican Feather Grass plants will create a beautiful airy mass. A cool season grass that will stay evergreen in cooler climates. Mexican Feather Grass requires occasional watering until established.

Mondo Grass

Attractive clumps of stemless dark green grass-like leaves make a beautiful small-scale groundcover or low border. Tiny spikes of lilac flowers appear in summer. This care-free, easy to grow perennial is ideal for adding texture to the garden. Evergreen. Turf-like clumps develop over time into a 12” tall ground cover which will spread somewhat indefinitely to 12” wide or more. Propagate by division. Best grown in rich, fertile, humusy, slightly acidic, moist but well-drained soils in part shade to full shade.

Pampas Grass

White Pampas Grass has dozens of large stalks that grow thickly to an average height of about 3' topped with silky, soft plumes soaring above them. Outstanding as a background or as an accent plant in corners or in rock gardens. Although a native of Argentina, this variety of White Pampas Grass is hardy and will grow in most parts of America. The graceful blades grow thickly to an average height of about three feet, with a height of 6-10' tall with plumes.

Purple Love Grass

Purple Love Grass is a perennial, warm season grass that grows actively during the summer when soil temperatures are warm. The seed heads (or florets) bloom mid-summer in shades of light to bright purple, giving an overall purple haze to the landscape. This tough ornamental grass is an absolutely stunning addition to any rock garden or drier landscape. It reaches heights of 1-2 feet even in the driest, poorest of soils. It thrives in full sun and sandy sites.

Umbrella Plant

The bold look of umbrella plant make it a favorite garden plant for moist containers and subtropical pond-side gardens. This upright, evergreen, grass-like perennial is native to Madagascar. The chief selling point of this papyrus is its unique, striking foliage. It bears tall, dark green leafless stems topped with a spoke-like whorl of long, leafy bracts. Small, pale yellow to brown flowers occur in summer.