Gulf Muhly

Muhlenbergia capillaris

  • Delicate and graceful leaves and airy flower heads sway gently with the slightest breeze.
  • Frequently cultivated as an ornamental plant worldwide.
  • Reseeds to naturalize in meadows or on slopes for erosion control.
  • Combine with Sedums and Asters or tuck into a rock garden.

Absolutely one of the most beautiful ornamental grasses around. A North American native and more importantly a Texas Native Plant! Mostly found in the pine flat woods, coastal uplands, and beach dunes. Gulf Muhly has blue/green needle like foliage, giving it a stiff upright growth habit, and can get up to 3-4′ in height with a 2-3 foot spread.

The fall is when Gulf Muhly puts on a real show with flowers that look like a purple cloud from far away, giving a spectacular fall color show. This grass is also great because it needs very little care, Gulf Muhly will grow in drought conditions as well as wet conditions. Texas grown to perform outstanding for Texas gardens.


Muhlenbergia reverchonii

Savannah Ruby – Blooming in early fall, its very showy, finely textured bright reddish-pink seed heads. In winter the grass and seed spikes turn a lovely tawny brown. A medium sized grass 24-36″ tall x 18-24″ wide. Color up your fall garden with this showy, cold hardy native perennial grass.with thin, sometimes curling, mid-green foliage, this prized Muhly should be planted in drifts of 3 or more plants to maximize its impact in the landscape. Highly resistant to browsing deer, it is easily grown in a wide range of soils including heavy clay. This little known grass species is native only to north TX and southwestern OK, but can be successfully grown throughout much of the country. It tolerates a wide range of growing conditions including heat, humidity and cold winter temperatures.

Common Names:  Mist Grass, Gulf Muhly Grass, Sweetgrass, Pink Muhly Grass, Pink Hair Grass, Hairy Awn, and Regal Mist.