Lemon Grass

Cymbopogon citratus

  • Thrives in full sun and well-drained soil
  • Divide them prior to the onset of cold temps
  • Keeps mosquitoes and other biting insects away
  • Grown as an ornamental grass or for culinary uses

The lemon grass plant is a culinary herb native of West India, and is widely used in Asian, Caribbean and Mexican cuisine. Known for its light, lemony flavor, it adds the same fruity citrus taste as an actual lemon, without any bitter consequences. Tastes great in teas or makes a good seasoning for stir frys and fish!

This lemony scented aromatic herb has thicker leaves than its East Indian cousin and is fantastic for keeping mosquitoes and other biting insects away, as its essential oil is Citronella. Grow plenty around your pool, patio or favorite outdoor area to stay bug free during the summer! Lemon Grass plants grow well in the ground or indoors in a pot or container.