Purple Love Grass

Eragrostis spectabilis

  • Spreads through underground rhizomes and seeds.
  • Very drought tolerant and are suitable for xeriscaping.
  • Full sun and infertile dry sandy or gravelly soil.
  • Can grow in barren areas near black walnut trees.

Purple love grass (Eragrostis spectabilis) is a Native American wildflower grass that grows throughout the United States and Mexico. It looks as good in the garden as it does in naturalized areas, and is often used in wildflower meadows.

Purple Love Grass blooms summer through fall and the purple frothiness of the flowers look their best planted in-mass next to gray foliaged plants or yellow flowered plants for contrast. This ornamental grass is great for a natural look or wildlife garden. Eragrostis provides nesting cover for ground birds and attracts butterflies. The foliage turns a pretty red-bronze in fall. Grow the grass in beds, borders or in containers.

Common Names:  Purple Lovegrass, Purple Love Grass, Purple Plains Lovegrass, Tumblegrass, Petticoat climber.