Lantana spp.

  • Lantanas like hot weather and full sun.
  • Is deer-resistant.
  • Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.
  • Can tolerate salt and drought once established.

If you are looking for a tough plant it’s hard to beat lantana. Lantana are heat tolerant, use little to no supplemental water in the landscape, will tolerate less than ideal soils and usually don’t need to be deadheaded. If you are looking for a plant that will thrive on neglect, lantana is the champ. Lantana come in many shapes, sizes and habits. Check size and habit information for the specific variety you are choosing to make sure it fits your needs. Lantana can be trimmed back at anytime to shape or to promote increased branching.


Lantana ‘Dallas Red’

Dallas Red – The Dallas Red Lantana plant produces clusters of golden yellow, fiery orange and red flowers that deepen to all red as the blossoms mature. This salt tolerant, taller variety, is preferred by hummingbirds over lower growing lantana plants.


Lantana ‘Ham and Eggs’

Ham and Eggs – This lantana plant is said to look like ham and eggs with its pink and yellow color, and these little clusters of gorgeous flowers are butterfly and hummingbird magnets! A deer resistant beauty that blooms from summer to fall.


Lantana ‘New Gold’

New Gold – Brilliant golden yellow flower clusters cover this colorful, heat-loving perennial from spring to fall. Trailing growth is excellent for use as groundcover or tumbling from hanging baskets. Excellent annual for cold winter climates. Evergreen in frost-free climates.


Lantana montevidensis ‘Purple’

Purple Trailing – Popular evergreen groundcover prized for its masses of beautiful lavender flowers that appear almost year-round. Very useful in containers and hanging baskets. An excellent summer annual for cold climate areas.


Lantana montevidensis ‘Alba’

White Trailing – Profusion of pure white flowers cover this widely spreading groundcover year round! Good bank cover, erosion control. Tolerates heat and drought. Effective cascading over raised beds, hanging baskets. Evergreen in frost-free climates.


Lantana camara ‘Confetti’

Confetti – A shrub-type Lantana that can get 2-3′ in height with a 6-8′ spread. The blooms are tri-colored consisting of yellow, pink, and purple to wine colors that will fade with age and are great for attracting butterflies. Confetti Lantana will bloom late spring to fall and has an upright growth habit.


According to the Humane Society of America Lantana leaves can be toxic to pets. This means that the plants are generally identified as having the capability for producing a toxic reaction.