Mexican Honeysuckle

Justicia spicigera

  • Hummingbird plant
  • Grayish foliage
  • Long bloom period
  • Prune back as needed to encourage fullness

This evergreen shrub is native to Mexico and into South America. Mexican Honeysuckle has large, oval, velvety, medium green leaves. A tropical shrub growing to 3′ tall and 2-3′ wide, great for hedging. Bright orange tubular flowers are borne in clusters all year in warmer areas and during summers in colder regions. It performs best in filtered sun and well-drained soil. Moderate irrigation is beneficial, but too much will induce chlorosis. Prune as desired to maintain a more compact form.

Common Names: Firecracker Plant, Mexican Honeysuckle, Orange Plume Flower, Mohintli, Desert Honeysuckle