Cypress (Italian)

Cupressus sempervirens

  • Impressive, tall, and formal looking tree
  • Creates a thick column of evergreen shade
  • Remarkably low maintenance and pruning required 
  • Dense growth habit with multiple upright-growing branches.

The Italian Cypress tree is fantastic for anyone who is seeking to add a Tuscan style appearance to their landscape because they blend naturally and add an invaluable polish to any front or backyard design. They do a wonderful job transforming any plain landscape to an first-class landscape because of its elegant and lean appearance.

Italian Cypress are perfect for homeowners who live in the Hill Country, as they adapt to almost any kind of soil. Being an evergreen tree, Italian Cypress do not have large leaf drops and are one of the cleanest, low-maintenance trees we carry, making them ideal to plant near pools, fountains, or other waterside applications.

When it comes to pruning and controlling the growth upward, simply trim the tree once it reaches your desired height. Ideal for the inexperienced landscaper, Italian Cypress are ideal for narrow spaces, establishing borders or property lines, and anywhere in your landscape that needs tall, green elegance established quickly.