Japanese Yew

Taxus cuspidata

  • Produces large amounts of thick, cool shade
  • Sprouts a thick canopy of evergreen foliage
  • Flexible tree that can be shaped hedge-style or as a large specimen tree or 
  • Hardy tree that loves the Hill Country climate.

The Japanese Yew is a member of the Taxaceae family of Yew trees.This tree is an all around tough drought hardy tree that will help provide cooler temperatures to a home with shade the entire year. Japanese Yew branches sprout soft, polished-like green leaves packed closely to one another creating a dense evergreen body of foliage used to cool down temperature and add privacy.

Japanese Yew are very adaptable trees that can take on the hot summer months and survive the colder months we see in the Hill Country area. Japanese Yews grow slowly, making them extremely easy to prune and maintain. This tree improves any landscape with its oriental featured branches that can fit into small tight areas, perfect for corners. This Japanese Yew is truly a sight to see!

The fact that Japanese yew doesn’t mix with dogs or children is an important limiting factor in the tree’s use. Consider the toxicity of the plant along with the way you and your family will use your garden before deciding to plant Japanese yew.