Oleander Hedge

Nerium oleander

  • Brilliant flower display blooms heavily in spring and fall
  • Extremely hardy to desert and clay type soils
  • Medium sized tree great for a focal point in smaller areas
  • Blooms in a variety of colors including red, white and pink

Oleander Trees are a smart choice to plant in any warm climate because they thrive in hot environments with little natural nutrients. They’re also ideal because aside from never losing their leaves, they bloom brilliant large, puffy flowers that bring intense color to any landscape. These blooms propagate heavily in the spring and fall, but will bloom even longer during mild winters. We grow Oleanders in a variety of different colors, so be sure to talk to our experts about which will look best in your landscape.

Aside from their aesthetics, landscapers use Oleanders along fences and property lines as a privacy screen or hedge. Oleanders are very hardy to hot environments, withstanding both periods of drought and lack of nutrients with impunity. Oleanders are ideal for inexperienced landscapers because their brilliant effect doesn’t require lots of care and maintenance, and they can take quite a bit of abuse without showing much distress.

Oleander is toxic — do not ingest. Contact with skin may cause reaction. Avoid smoke when burning cuttings. Do not use in playgrounds or other areas frequented by young children and pets.