Musa basjoo

  • Cultivated for its fiber and as an ornamental plant.
  • In gardens it is used as a hardy ‘tropical foliage’ plant.
  • Frost hardy if well insulated with thick mulch.
  • Simple to grow, give it plenty of water, fertilizer and sunlight.

Musa basjoo is a species banana native to the Ryukyu Islands off the south coast of Japan. It was introduced to Europe in the 1890’s and is popular in both Europe and the USA. It grows to 25′ and produces a small uneatable fruit. The leaves grow to 7′ long and it makes an excellent structural plant in the garden providing an instant tropical look. It’s hardy to around 0 °F without mulch and has survived -20 °F in Nebraska and Massachusetts when mulched with a pile of leaves 2′ high. La Tejana is confidant that it will grow in the Texas Hill Country too.

Common Names:  Japanese Banana, Japanese Fiber Banana or Hardy Banana.