Esperanza Orange Jubilee

Tecoma stans alata

  • Large, upright growing shrub
  • Also does well on trellis
  • Very fast grower
  • Blooms often throughout year

Loose clusters of red-orange trumpet-like blooms are borne from mid-summer to fall on this upright to spreading woody perennial to large shrub. We’ve seen beautiful specimens of Orange Jubilee Esperanza or Orange-bells in the Hemisphere Park area of San Antonio, Texas. More freely flowering and larger growing in mild winter climates but still performs well as a die-back summer and fall flowering perennial once well-established.

Mulch deeply in winter in the northern portions of its range. In the southern portion of 8B Orange Bells or Orange Esperanza has tolerated temperatures in the teens and will normally return so long as the crown is well protected with a deep layer of mulch. The Esperanzas are favorites of bumblebees and a variety of other pollinators.

Common Names: Orange Bells, Orange Trumpet Bush or Orange Esperanza