Fall Aster

Symphyotrichum oblongifolium

  • Native perennial with fine-textured flowers
  • Profuse fall bloomer that colonizes but easy to control
  • Nectar source attract wildlife
  • Lightly prune if needed through spring and summer to keep compact

Asters are daisy-like perennials with starry-shaped flower heads. They bring delightful color to the garden in late summer and autumn when many of your other summer blooms may be fading.

The plant’s height ranges from 8 inches to 8 feet, depending on the type. You can find an aster for almost any garden and they have many uses, such as in borders, rock gardens, or wildflower gardens. Asters also attract butterflies to your garden!

Common Names:  Aromatic Aster, Aromatic American Aster, Fall Aster, Wild Blue Aster, Shale Aster