Forsythia (Lynwood Gold )

Forsythia x intermedia

  • Plant these trees in rows for a vibrant display of color
  • Plant them alone as colorful ornamental plants
  •  Plant for coverage as a privacy screen or hedge
  • Best flower production is in full sun

Lynwood Gold grows up to 8 feet tall and 6 feet wide. In fall, the foliage may develop a slight purple hue. The shrub is composed of a cluster of stems that have an upright, arching form. Forsythia shrubs give you great color not only in the spring, but in the fall months as well. In early spring, your Lynwood Gold Forsythias will produce an abundance of bright yellow flowers… signaling to everyone that spring has arrived.

This floral display against its deep green foliage is nothing short of amazing. You get another showing of fabulous color in the fall, when its leaves turn bright yellow with a hint of orange and red. With a growth rate of 2 to 4 feet per year, your forsythia will quickly fill any space, anywhere. These Lynwood Gold Forsythias are virtually carefree – you don’t have to be an expert to get outstanding results!

Nothing can lift winter gloom faster than a glimpse of the cheery sunshine yellow bloom of forsythia. Its abundance of sunny yellow color will become an integral part of your lawn and garden.