Verbesina virginica

  • Forms colonies commercial availability limited.
  • Nectar source that attracts bees and butterflies.
  • Stem ruptures with freeze creating ice crystal formations.
  • Cut back to 6″ after cold damage occurs and before new spring growth.

Frostweed is found growing in rich loamy soils near creeks or in the shade of very large trees of the Edwards Plateau. It has an erect, unbranched stem that can be as tall as 3 to 6 feet. The leaves have a slightly toothed margin and the stem has 4 to 5 wings. The white to greenish white ray and disc flowers are found in heads which are about six inches across. Frostweed blooms from August to November. The name Frostweed is given due to the shaving-like appearance of ice that can be seen when the stems split after a hard freeze.

Common Names: Frostweed, Frost Flower, Indian Tobacco, Tickweed