Gregg’s Mist Flower

Conoclinium greggii

  • Forms colonies, but easy to contain; tolerates poor soil
  • Can take full sun but does best in morning sun or part shade
  • Attracts butterflies; native to West Texas
  • Cut back to 3″ if needed after hard freeze

Flat topped clusters of bluish-purple Ageratum-like flowers are borne atop short sturdy stems that are adorned with finely cut and softly textured, medium green foliage. The flowers attract loads of butterflies as well as other pollinators and Gregg’s Mist Flower flowers most heavily beginning in late summer and lasting through fall. Its rhizomatous though non-aggressive nature makes this durable and drought resistant perennial an excellent addition to the garden where it can be utilized as a groundcover as well as in naturalistic settings. It does seem to prefer a little midday and afternoon shade, especially in the hottest summer climates and in dryer settings.

Gregg’s Mist Flower is native to southern and western Texas as well as southern New Mexico and the southwestern most corner of Arizona making it moderately drought resistant. Queen butterflies flock to the blue flowers of this species and will spend hours sipping from the nectar rich flowers of this species along with the many other pollinators that jockey for position there.

Common Names: Boneset, Gregg’s Mistflower, Palmleaf Thoroughwort, Palm-leaf Mistflower, Palm-leaf Thoroughwort, Purple Palmleaf Mistflower, Purple Palmleaf Eupatorium