Hosta (Variegated)


  • Grown for their Variegated bold foliage.
  • They need fertile, moist but well drained soil.
  • Best with regular watering weekly.
  • Full to partial shade.

Hostas with variegated leaves have lighter markings on the leaves. These markings may be cream, yellow or light green. In some cases, the markings are on the center of the leaves; in others, on the edges, or margins. While variegated hostas will brighten up shady areas of the landscape, they actually need some sunlight to develop their bright, contrasting patterns. A balance is needed, however. Leaves with light-colored margins are susceptible to being scorched by too much afternoon sunlight. The edges of the leaves will turn brown and may crumble. Excessive amounts of sunlight also cause chlorophyll levels to increase, which can darken some lighter shades of variegation. This makes the striking patterns less noticeable, although it won’t harm the plant.

Common Name: Hosta, Plantain Lily