Indian Hawthorne (Eleanor Tabor Pink)

Raphiolepis indica ‘Eleanor Tabor’

  • Produces profuse clusters of pink flowers.
  • Young leaf spot resistant foliage is often bright reddish-orange, maturing deep green.
  • Blue-black berries accompany deep maroon winter foliage.
  • Excellent groundcover, hedge, accent or foundation shrub.

Easy to grow and graced by beautiful fragrant flowers, Indian hawthorn Eleanor Tabor® is a dense, vigorous, spreading shrub. The leaves are leathery, glossy, oval, alternately arranged on the stems and have serrate edges – like a steak knife. New leaves are bronze when they emerge. The flowers are pink, semi-double and commonly appear in the spring. They are produced at the ends of the branches in loose clusters. Eleanor Tabor produces showy, apple-like, blue-black fruit after it flowers.

Indian hawthorn is tolerant of drought and poor soils, but prefers rich, well-drained soil that is on the acid side. Full sun is best for good growth, though this plant tolerates light to moderate shade, particularly in hot, humid climates. It also tolerates of wind, salt spray, cold and heat and is resistant to leaf-spot disease.