Nandina domestica

  • A mainstay in Southern landscapes.
  • Effortlessly transitions from sun to shade.
  • Performs in our hottest and coldest weather.
  • Foliage provides textural contrast.

Nandina has been an important landscape plant material in the South for many years. Sometimes known as heavenly bamboo, Nandina is known for its ease of culture, attractive red berries and fine textured foliage. Although the standard Nandina grows as a tall shrub, other varieties offer different growth habits and colored foliage.

Nandinas are tough and adaptable plants to a variety of soil and environmental conditions. They tolerate sun, partial shade, and complete shade with interesting visual appearance during all seasons.


The following includes heights, sizes, and coloration of all of the types of Nandinas we carry. Select your Nandinas based upon this information. Some Nandinas have flowers and berries. Birds love Nandina berries!

NANDINA COMPACTA – A more compact variety of the original Domestica Nandina, ‘Compacta’ has the upright lacy look of a Domestica Nandina on stiffly upright stems, blooms white flower spikes in the spring followed with red berries during the winter. The plant grows to 4-5′ T x 3′ W, with bright red winter leaf color

NANDINA DOMESTICA, HEAVENLY BAMBOO – This is the original Nandina from which all others came! Upright grower to 6-8′ T x 3′ W, the plant will flower white clusters in the spring with red berries during the winter. The winter leaf color is a bright red. Domestica Nandina has a very lacy, airy look.

NANDINA FIREPOWER –  A 2′ T x 2′ W grower, ‘Firepower’ is the standard in “nana” Nandinas. Good red winter coloration,bright green new growth in the spring. ‘Firepower’ likes a bit of light shade in our area, and must be watered and mulched well to look right in full sun. No berries.

NANDINA GULF STREAM – 3.5′-4′ T x 3′ W, with bright orange new growth on a densely-growing plant, with intensely red leaves once the winter’s cold sets in. ‘Gulf Stream’ is a nice tight plant. Occasionally flowers but no berries.

NANDINA HARBOR DWARF – 1.5-2′ T x 1.5′-2′ W, Harbor Dwarf has pinkish new growth with extra-dark green leaves, good red winter coloration, and limited berry production. Better than normal shade tolerance for a Nandina.

Common Names:  Nandina, Heavenly Bamboo or Sacred Bamboo.