Pineapple Guava

Acca sellowiana

  • Moderate grower to 10 to 15 ft. tall and wide.
  • Weekly watering, or more often in extreme heat.
  • Full sun.
  • Edible fruit, however, the deer DON’T eat it.

Pineapple guava plants are large shrubs or small trees that add interest to the home garden in more ways than one. In addition to visual impact created by this plant’s gray-green foliage and showy red-and-cream blossoms, pineapple guavas produce delicious, edible fruit in shades of yellow and green with a flavor reminiscent of pineapple.

With a dense habit and a height and spread of 8 to 15 feet, these pest- and disease-resistant evergreens are suitable for several uses within the home landscape. Plant pineapple guava trees in areas within the desired field of view, such as in a sitting area of the garden or through a bedroom window; pineapple guavas attract hummingbirds.