Asparagus Fern

Asparagus sprengeri

  • Arching fronds of fresh green, needle-like foliage all season.
  • Matures to 1-3’ tall spreading to 3-4’ wide.
  • Pea-like, fragrant white flowers bloom in late spring to early summer.
  • Flowers are followed by small red berries which ripen by fall.

The asparagus fern isn’t exactly a common houseplant, but it’s attractive with feathery, light foliage and can be successfully grown indoors. In warmer regions, the fern can be easily adapted to outdoor culture, where it sometimes grows like a creeper and can even become invasive. Indoors, the key to an attractive asparagus fern is to keep the plant bushy and dense so its lace-like foliage forms an attractive mound.


Asparagus densiflorus ‘Myers’

Foxtail Fern – This unusual evergreen fern adds textural contrast to perennial beds and borders. Long, plume-like stems hold soft, needle-like leaves. Develops red berries in fall. An excellent choice for hanging baskets and containers.


Common Names:

Clusters of green berries that turn red in the winter are poisonous if eaten.