Carolina Yellow Jasmine

Gelsemium sempervirens

  • Fast Spreading Vine
  • Yellow blooms Spring & Fall
  • Green all year
  • Great on trellis, arbors or fences

Native from Virginia and Florida west to Arkansas and east Texas and south to Guatemala, Carolina Yellow Jasmine is a twining, evergreen vine, 10-20 ft. long, that will climb trees, scramble over fences and structures, or develop a mound of tangled stems if left to its own devices. Lustrous, dark-green foliage develops a slight yellow or purple cast in winter. Axillary clusters of very fragrant, yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers. The fruit is a 1 1/2 in. long capsule.

This high-climbing vine is very common in parts of the South, frequently found in abandoned fields and climbing high into the canopies of pine forests. It is quite adaptable and tenacious, with no serious disease or insect problems. These qualities, along with its glossy, evergreen leaves and waxy, trumpet-shaped flowers, have made it a mainstay of the suburban landscape in the Southeast.

Common Names:  Carolina Jessamine, Yellow Jessamine, Evening Trumpetflower, Poor Man’s Rope

The flowers, leaves, and roots are poisonous and may be lethal to humans and livestock. The species nectar may also be toxic to honeybees if too much is consumed and honey made from Carolina Jessamine nectar may be toxic to humans.