La Tejana does assist in locating critical landscape materials fast.

 Many landscaping companies buy a large majority – if not all – of their plant materials from brokers otherwise know as re-wholesalers. La Tejana Tree Sales is both of those and more. I can save an industry professional money, time, and effort. I spend a lot of time in the field visiting growing operations all over South Texas and reviewing hot sheets from growers all over the state daily. 

You can depend on me to be able to locate a wide range of critical materials rapidly. If I don’t know where to locate your materials immediately I can often times order them in within 7-10 working days. I strive to bring you quality material that you can trust when it hits the ground and fast. You can count on me to put together your order quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to pay for partial loads and multiple delivery fees. 

the marketplace is very volatile and prices are increasing daily.

If you are just calling to see what I might be able to get 6-months or a year down the road I think it is safe to say that except for the B&B side it’s something I can’t determine. The world has tilted on it’s axis in the past 2-years due to COVID-19, inflation, labor shortages and the rapidly rising cost of fuel. There is also a shortage of landscape material nationwide partly created by the snow storm we had in Texas in 2021. Thus the cost of plants and trees has risen between 30 and 50 percent.

The majority of the plant material you see has to be imported from other states which is very expensive. Out of state growers are having to step up production to help out while growers in Texas grow new crops to fill the void. That means out of state growers are having to crank out plant material as fast as possible. Due to that fact we are seeing plant material come in at half the size we are used to receiving.

when to call me for assistance.

If you are the person that signs the checks for your company and need materials ASAP call me with your list of what you want and what you are willing to settle for. I’m very good at finding materials in a pinch and getting them to your jobsite quickly. However, you will need to be flexible on sizes and possible substitutions. When bidding for your projects you need to be honest with yourself and your clients about what’s going on in the marketplace and why. Bid your future projects with the understanding that materials are only going to get more expensive in the future. 

As soon as I locate or place your order I require payment here's why.

If you have a crisis order please keep in mind that production is at an all time low and as soon as those trucks are unloaded landscapers are standing by to grab whatever they can get there hands on. Absolutely nothing stays on the ground for long and if I find your materials in stock you should be prepared to make immediate payment. This is a cash and carry business. We have to pull your order immediately because if we don’t someone else will take it. 

If you would like to place an order to purchase materials such as B&B trees that will be harvested in the winter or container crops that will be ready for sale at a later day be mindful that deposits are required. These deposits are not refundable in the event that you change your mind or your customer does. If you elect to not have your container crops delivered by the agreed upon date please keep in mind maintenance fees may have to be paid.

we will deliver to your jobsite or yard statewide

I specialize in locating large quantities of plants and trees, selecting them and delivering them fast. We offer delivery to your jobsite or yard wherever in the state of Texas that may be. Delivery in the general San Antonio area is $150.00. Call for a delivery cost outside of San Antonio at 210-857-1141. You must have a crew and equipment onsite to unload the material; we will not unload plants or trees for you. We can usually get your order out to you within 72-hours that is unheard of in the industry.