Bay Laurel

Laurus nobilis

  • Performs exceptionally well in full sun environments
  • Fantastic for shade or hedge applications
  • Produces a tight green canopy, turning a crisp golden color in fall
  • Known for versatile Bay Leaves used in cooking & medicine

The Bay Laurel tree is a Mediterranean evergreen shrub or tree. There are as many uses for this tree and its green glossy aromatic leaves, as its many names. It is a slow grower and responds well to trimming and can be shaped into a desirable topiary form. The Bay laurel is beautifully appointed with medium sized, glossy, green leaves.

Bay Laurel trees take full sun or partial shade and appreciates moderate deep watering during the hotter months of the year. The leaves of the Bay Laurel tree are really desirable for decorative use in a wreath or crown, and as a culinary use in many types of recipes. It also has household, cosmetic, aromatic, and medicinal uses.