Cypress (Leyland)

Cupressus leylandii

  • Reaches tall heights very quickly
  • Grows straight and upright – much taller than wide
  • Beautiful pine look without the messy clean-up
  • Loves the Hill Country climate and does well in both heat and cold.

While the Leyland Cypress is primarily used for hedges or screens on larger properties, they can be planted as a stand-alone specimen tree as well. The exceptional height of the Leyland Cypress is one of it’s most popular uses, as it can be used to shade multi-story areas when planted in front of windows.  This fast growing evergreen is known for reaching heights of around 35 feet exceptionally quickly, and with proper care can easily exceed this height.

Aside from just being tall, this impressive conifer has dark, lush green leaves with a paler yellow underside creating a striking color contrast in the landscape. The Leyland Cypress is also an evergreen, so you are able to get the classic pine look without the disruptive constant needle-drop that usually comes with them. The Leyland Cypress is a great choice for any tall area that needs shade, screening, or security, or just for anyone who wants a pine-type tree without the hassle.