Indian Laurel

Ficus nitida

  • Foliage grows fast and always stays green
  • The #1 solution for security screening, hedges & sound barriers
  • Columns grow thick and fast to provide quick and clean area coverage
  • Thrives in hot environments and clay-type soils

Indian Laurel columns are the cleanest, easiest, and prettiest solution to hedges (not to mention best-smelling!). The foliage of our Indian Laurel establishes quickly providing quick coverage in just about any setting. Indian Laurel columns in long rows along pools, fences, property lines, and homes will provide instant, cool shade that requires minimal maintenance or clean up.

The possibilities with these are endless, but landscapers often plant Indian Laurel columns along property lines as barriers for overpowering sun, noise, wind or unsightly views while allowing the exceptional Indian Laurel beauty to stand out on display. The foliage is very hardy and can be trimmed into topiary like shapes while handling the extreme summer heat.