Japanese Blueberry

Elaeocarpus decipiens

  • Evergreen tree often used for hedge material
  • Resilient characteristic color-changing leaves
  • Establishes quickly providing thick, fast shade 
  • Dense growth habit with multiple upright-growing branches.

The Japanese Blueberry tree native to Japan and is a fast grower that needs plenty of room in the landscape. Japanese Blueberry tree sports contrasting of lush healthy color throughout the year. The leaves are always changing according to their own individual life cycle, new flushes of growth emerge in shades of bronze, peppering the rest of the glossy-green foliage, and mature leaves turn bright red.

The Japanese Blueberry is a hardy tree that can be grown in a tree, shrub, or columnar form. This tree is an excellent street, yard or shade planting. Blueberry tree prefers well-drained alkaline soils. It responds very well to pruning and is versatile when shaped into a topiary or tree form.