Ligustrum (Japanese Privet) Tree

Ligustrum japonicum

  • Bright white blossoms during spring
  • Ideal for a flowering yet clean tree
  • Evergreen canopy provides year-round shade
  • Lower maintenance & easy to grow!   

The Japanese Privet is an ideal solution to those that want an evergreen that provides year-round shade, a flowering tree that has a massive boost of seasonal color, and a clean tree that’s easy to maintain. This “best of both worlds” scenario doesn’t occur often, making the Japanese Privet a very popular tree in both shade and color applications.

The Japanese Privet, while commonly seen in hedge applications, can grow large enough for a specimen or shade tree in the proper environment. The evergreen nature of the Japanese Privet also means it provides year-round shade and is relatively low maintenance, making this a very ‘easy’ tree to use in your yard. Japanese Privets are the no-fuss solution to a great looking flowering evergreen!