Magnolia grandiflora

  • Several different species available
  • Large green spoon-shaped leaves provide a thick canopy
  • Produces large and fragrant white flowers
  • Very popular choice in San Antonio for a classic evergreen look 

Simply put, Magnolia are very popular for a good reason: they’re very easy to grow and look great. Magnolia establish themselves with a unique rope-type root structure that allows them to soak up nutrients and water more thoroughly, providing a dense year-round canopy of large leaves. Magnolia are famous for the large billowing white blossoms and the beautiful fragrant smell that come with them.

Magnolia are one of the best ways to get an intrinsically tropical and colorful look into your landscape. They prosper in many conditions, but absolutely love the sun and dry heat, and thrive in our long summers. The large tropical presence felt in your landscape after Magnolia added will require very little clean-up and keep your neighbors jealous for years to come!