Canary Island Date Palm

Phoenix Canariensis

  • Called “Pineapple Palm” in some parts
  • Super cold hardy and loves the hot sun
  • Used in big hotels and resorts to bring a formal look
  • Wide fronds and trunk provide lots of shade

Date Palms are the large palms with wide sweeping fronds you see in big hotels or in the movies. Their clean and formal look is capable of transforming any landscape into a place of beauty. These palms are named so because they look like small pineapples when first planted. They grow slowly, but eventually form a nice, wide trunk and push the fronds outward and upward to create that classic palm tree shape.

While best in full sun and the usual well-drained loamy soil, a Canary Island Date Palm can tolerate a wide range of exposures, including deep shade, and a wide range of soil types, including sand and heavy clay. It has a unique ability to tolerate both severe drought and flooding very well, which makes them ideal to plant in housing tracts in which the soil was heavily compacted.

Within the limits of its hardiness (down to about -10°C) the Canary Island Date Palm is adapted to more habitats and soils than almost any other palm. This, combined with its relative hardiness to cold, make it one of the most widely-planted palms on Earth and they will grow just fine in the Hill Country climate.