Fan Palm (Mediterranean)

Chamaerops humilis

  • Resort style miniature fan palm
  • Very cold hardy palm that withstands intense dry periods
  • Wide variety of landscape applications and planting environments
  • Great for large pots and planting containers

Mediterranean Fan Palms are great anywhere you need to add a tropical accent to your landscape and never go out of style! Commonly used for focal points around walkways, pools, driveways or courtyards, Mediterranean fan palms are a quick way to get your landscape noticed by the neighbors. They make excellent additions to landscapes with big resort-type palm trees and other large landscape features.

Aside from their wonderful looks, Mediterranean Fan Palms are some of the more durable palm trees grown in Hill Country. They thrive in hot locations and require minimal amounts of water compared to most palm trees. They’re also able to survive the typical frost season with little or no freeze damage. When used as featured points in landscapes, area spotlighting adds a jaw-dropping effect against walls at nighttime.