Sabal Palm

Texana-Texas Sabal (Sabal Mexicana)

(Dwarf Texas Palmetto)

  • Slow growing medium-sized palmetto
  • Very cold hardy and thrives in the Hill Country
  • Adaptable to many landscape uses
  • Requires very little maintenance and pruning

Sabal Palms are used in a variety of Southern and Southwestern landscape styles. When first planted the Sabal Palm looks like tree fronds growing straight up from the ground, but eventually establish a unique trunk pattern formed from the remaining frond stalks that have been trimmed off.

Sabal Palms are adaptable to many environments, which is why their ideal for planting in the Hill Country’s challenging climate. Sabal Palms are very hardy to winter cold and are commonly grown in the full Texas sun to develop a sturdy, resilient tree. Because Sabal Palms are slower growing, they are easy to maintain and develop at a methodical pace.

Common names:  Texas Palmetto, Mexican Palm, Mexican Palmetto, Rio Grande Palmetto, Palma Real, Palma de Micharas and Victoria Palmetto