Sago Palm


  • Slow-growing small accent palm
  • Super easy to grow in pots or containers
  • Looks great just about anywhere they’re planted
  • Low maintenance and thrives in Houston’s climate

When first planted, Sago Palms actually look like palm fronds growing straight up from the ground. These fronds eventually grow into a small & wide trunk that gives the Sago Palm its unique shape. Though the Sago Palm is technically a Cycad (not a palm tree), they are commonly used for entry areas, sidewalks, accent plants, and tight areas or corners around pools and patios, similar to smaller palm usage in landscape design.

Sago Palms grow well in both outdoor and indoor applications, and are great for planting in containers around windows and doors where they have access to sunlight. Because they grow slowly, Sago Palms wont outgrow the area they’re planted in without plenty of warning. Sago Palms are very cold hardy and are a great choice for planting anytime throughout the year.