Ash (Arizona)

Fraxinus velutina

  • Arizona nativity means it’s well suited for the Hill Country’s climate
  • Very cold and heat hardy – loves the hot sun!
  • Large and very fast-growing Ash
  • Popular choice for quickly establishing lots of shade

Being an Arizona native, Arizona Ashes are well prepared for the Hill Country climate and low levels of nutrients provided by the Hill Country’s soil. These Ash trees grow to be quite large to a more naturally shaped canopy that fits well in many types of landscape styles. The tree grows its leaves quickly in the spring providing maximum shade in the summer, then quickly loses its leaves to provide breathing room, light, and heat during winter.

Arizona Ashes tend to grow canopies that are taller than they are wide, creating a slightly rounded canopy that’s suitable for covering a large amount of territory. Even in tough winters and summers, Arizona Ashes maintain their look and structure well, and recover quickly in the rare cases they’re damaged. Arizona Ashes can be planted just about anywhere space permits, and are great for many residential, commercial or even lawn plantings.