Ash (Fan Tex)

Fraxinus velutina “fan tex”

  • Tree provides landscape shade or light at the perfect time of year
  • Medium – large Ash loves the Hill Country climate
  • Great for planting where larger Ashes are desired, but won’t grow
  • Withstands environmental adversity and low nutrient soils well

The Fan Tex Ash fits in a wide variety of landscape styles due to its size, adaptability, and brilliant green foliage. Its deciduous nature provides thick shade when its needed and releases its coverage to provide much needed light to landscapes during darker winter months. The release of leaves come quickly in the fall, usually only requiring a quick one-time clean up all year long.

Fan Tex Ashes are desired by landscapers for their resistance and ability to regrow quickly in adverse conditions. Brilliantly green in the summer, Fan Tex Ashes give a classic seasonal changing experience that can really transform any environment to consistently trans-formative look.