Ash (Raywood)

Fraxinus oxycarpa
  • Incredible seasonal fall color change
  • Deep green colored foliage – darkest of our Ash varieties.
  • Grows to a tall and uniform shape
  • Quick one-time clean up each winter

The Raywood Ash is a popular choice for its stately appearance and shape mixed with its dark green foliage that’s unique to this particular species of Ash. Raywood Ash trees are excellent for a medium to large size growing area, especially as a stand-alone or specimen shade tree where its exceptional beauty and color can be admired.

Raywood Ashes turn a deep, dark burgundy in the fall creating a widely desired fall effect that gives any landscape a uniquely seasonal touch. Raywood Ashes are ideal for planting in just about any residential, commercial, or lawn application where an attractive shade providing tree is desired.