Chinese Pistache

Pistacia chinensis

  • Dense shade tree provides cool, year-round coverage
  • Great for year-round privacy, especially when planted in rows
  • Fast growing and loves the Texas growing climate
  • Clean, low-maintenance tree with a lovely fragrant foliage

If you are looking for a tree suitable for a xeriscape landscape, one with ornamental attributes which also fulfills a valuable niche for wildlife, look no further than the Chinese pistache tree.

The Chinese Pistache is a medium to large sized hardwood, deciduous tree, making this tree an excellent selection for any landscaper to use. The sun drenched environment provides this tree the energy to produce its thick green colored foliage and assist it in boosting its strong hardy results in each season. This tree’s crowd-pleasing reputation comes from its bright red and orange regularly turning leaves which make it a reliable favorite for fall color all year.

Chinese Pistache trees get their advantage by its thick summer monsoon durable trunk. This tree is a moderate to fast grower and has dense branch separation throughout the entire upper half structure. Each one of these valuable features of the Chinese Pistache automatically benefit you and your landscape through the reasons of additional shade, cooler temperatures, and extra privacy.