Elm (Cedar)

Ulmus crassifolia

Great choice for a wide reaching umbrella-shaped canopy
Deep, dark green foliage popular with homeowners
Canopy spreads quickly providing lots of shade at an early age
Growth thrives in hot and sunny environments

In the Hill Country with its dry, limestone hills and where the soil is not so deep, a more realistic height is 30-50 feet. In the late summer to early fall small inconspicuous green flowers will appear at the leaf bases with a generous helping of small brown winged seeds soon to follow. The seeds are eaten by a variety of birds and small animals. Squirrels will actually leave your feeders alone during the time when the seeds mature.

Even with our well-drained calcareous soils the Cedar Elm grows moderately fast, preferring full sun to part shade. If your spot also includes other woodland, a ravine or open slope, this tree will feel right at home. It will even tolerate a short duration of flooding. If deer are a problem in your area protect the younger tree because they will browse its leaves and will also use its trunk as an antler rub.