Elm (Lacebark)

Ulmus parvifolia

  • Provide year-round interest valued for its general hardiness
  • Fast-growing with interesting decorative bark patterns
  • Tolerates poor soil with ability to grow in a various conditions
  • Resistant to Dutch Elm disease and Elm Leaf Beetle

If you’re looking for a shade tree that can withstand harsh conditions, is fast-growing and has ornamental features, then look no further. Lacebark Elm is the perfect choice for you. Your Lacebark Elm will grow to 50 feet tall with an equal spread. Its long, arching branches and rounded form are sure to present an elegant silhouette in your yard, and an outstanding place to seek some shade from the summer heat.

The summer foliage fills out the tree very well with glossy, serrated leaves of a deep green shade. Those same leaves transform to yellow and purple hues for the fall for a little added decoration to your autumn landscape. The exfoliating, grey bark peels back to reveal various shades of grey, green, tan and red for a truly enchanting, mottled appearance.