Mexican Sugar Maple

Acer Saccharum ssp. Skutchii

  • Height: 40-50′
  • Width: 30′
  • Full sun to part sun
  • Deciduous, loses leaves in Fall

This maple is the extremely rare Acer skutchii, often called the Cloud Forest Maple. This sugar maple leafs out with bright red new growth, turning to bright yellows and oranges in the fall. Although it is a relative to the sugar maple, it is extremely heat tolerant, reaching 30feet in height.

Acer skutchii, also known as Acer saccharum ssp. skutchii, is naturally one of the southern most growing maples in the world. It occurs in five disjunct populations, with four of them being in Mexico and one being in Guetemala. In its native habitat in occurs in the cloud forests and along the rivers of the rainforest which are being destroyed, making the preservation of this tree extremely important.