Oak (Bur)

Quercus macrocarpa

  • Strong and dense canopy creates lots of shade
  • Loves the Southern US Climate, especially Texas
  • Fast growing and loves the Hill Country growing climate
  • Clean, low-maintenance tree with a lovely fragrant foliage

The Bur Oak tree is an outstanding shade tree that reaches a large height and has an impressive crown, massive trunk, and stout branches. The massive trunk supports heavy, horizontal limbs and has rough deep-ridged bark. The dark green leaves on the Bur Oak tree grow up to nine inches long with a central midrib from which branch veins lead into rounded lobes and turn a lovely seasonal brown during the fall.

The Bur Oak tree branches are thornless and will eventually drop beneath the canopies showy trunk. This tree is an easy to grow evergreen that will provide very colorful white flowers in the spring. The Bur Oak tree is a great solution to add extra layers of privacy to your home and shield your home from unwanted views. Landscapers use the Bur Oak tree to transition between areas and add substance to any type of front or back yard arrangement.