Oak (Shumard Red)

Quercus shumardii

  • Fast growing yet hardy, stable tree
  • Wide spreading canopy sits atop a large trunk
  • Rich green leaves turn a deep scarlet in the fall
  • Popular shade provider that’s drought tolerant

Shumard Red Oak trees are a popular tree native to the Texas region.  This tree is popular for many reasons;  it is a fast grower, sprouts a large canopy, and grows attractive foliage. This tree benefits all landscapes by working as a privacy hedge, blocking noise from traffic. Most importantly, its foliage changes with the seasons; allowing the sun to add heat to your home in the winter by dropping its leaves and growing its leaves back just in time for the summer blocking out the warm sun and adding cooler temperatures.

Shumard Red Oak trees are popular graceful, majestic, tall-growing and wide-spreading shade trees with beautiful fall color and lovely deeply cut leaves. If you are worried about your tree lasting through the colder months of the year, you will be relieved to know, the Shumard Red Oak is an extremely hardy tree that can survive the cold hard winters of Maine.

Interesting Facts: The spread of oak wilt disease in Central Texas can often be linked to the movement of firewood from infected red oaks. These trees produce “fungal mats” under the bark where certain insects feed; it is these insects that can infect new trees where the firewood has been moved. If you live in an area with active oak wilt, or your neighbors have trees with oak wilt, you would be better served by planting alternative oak species, such as Lacey Oak or Monterrey Oak.