Flowering Pear

Pyrus calleryana

  • Several varieties available including Aristocrat, Bradford & Cleveland Pear
  • Snow-white flower coverage with incredible depth for long periods
  • Produce a fiery-red fall color with great seasonal appeal
  • Ornamental tree performs well in many landscape applications

Our specimens of Flowering Pear Trees establish stately green foliage when planted and display a thick, wonderful coverage of snow-white flowers that make a fantastic colorful addition to any landscape. Flowering Pear Trees produce a thick umbrella shaped canopy that not only produces vibrant colors but an abundant amount of shade.

If you’re looking for strong, seasonal color, the Flowering Pear Tree is definitely an option to consider. It keeps a deep green foliage for most of the year and keeps those beautiful white flowers from spring to summer. Flowering Pear Trees also produce a fantastic fiery-red color in the fall, giving that traditional seasonal touch to any landscape.