Acacia farnesiana or A. smallii

  • Are usually found in number
  • Are cultivated for their aroma
  • Flower color is golden yellow
  • Flowers produce chemicals that deter ants

Huisache is a tree or shrub which resprouts readily when disturbed. The branches have paired thorns at the base of each leaf. This plant can be ten to thirty feet in height. Huisache grows in the South Texas Plains and Edwards Plateau. It is considered an evergreen or semi-evergreen.

It flowers from February to March with numerous small yellow flowers. It is quite similar to twisted acacia but can be distinguished by the position of the glands on the leaf stem. Huisache has glands that are below the first pair of leaflets while twisted acacia has glands above the first pair of leaflets.

White-tailed deer and javelina eat its fruit and quail eat the seeds. Quail, doves and other birds use this plant to nest, loaf, and as cover and small mammals sometimes forage Huisache. The flowers provide nectar for insects. It tolerates drought conditions and is used as landscape plant in xeriscapes.

Common Names: Sweet Acacia, Needle Bush, Mimosa farnesiana.