Jacaranda mimosifolia

  • Tons of incredible, long lasting purple blooms
  • Fast growing tree with fern-like foliage
  • Drought tolerant, adapts well to a variety of soil types
  • Rich, yellow fall colors

Jacaranda is renowned for its clusters of purple, fragrant, trumpet-shaped blossoms. These may also cause a lot of litter when they drop. Most of the blooming is in late spring/summer, but in the warmer areas, it can flower at any time. There are varieties available with white blossoms. The fruit is a dry, brown, round pod that is 1-3″ wide.

Jacarandas, while they may look soft, are quite tough, and hold up to the Hill Country’s growing climate well. Traditionally known for their extensive purple display, Jacarandas actually make great shade trees, as they’re well suited for providing year-round filtered shade to your landscape. Because of their color and foliage, the Jacaranda is a safe bet for almost any landscape type.

They prefer a sandy soil with great drainage, and show off their lavender blooms best when planted in full sun. They grow relatively fast and will get up to 60 feet tall and just as wide. The spreading branches may fill your entire front yard.

Common Names:  Jacaranda, Brazilian rosewood, blue jacaranda, blue trumpet tree