Texas Redbud

Cercis canadensis var. texensis

  • Texas native, showy or fragrant flower, attractive seeds or fruit.
  • Glossy green leaves, purple flowers, and brown seed pods provide year round interest.
  • The buds appear to emerge right from the bark of twigs and branches.
  • The trunk creates an interesting multi-trunk shape.

Redbuds are small deciduous trees with light grey bark covered in white spots.  They are commonly multi-trunked and rarely exceed 25 feet in height.  They flower in a variety of colors.  In addition to the most common magenta, you can find varieties that bloom deep rose, pink, purple and even white. Redbud leaves have a very distinctive “heart” shape that is dark green and waxy on the top and lighter on the bottom.  The tree produces a flat seed pod in late summer that is attractive to many birds and varmints.  Technically an under-story tree, they do well in full sun but do appreciate some afternoon shade.  Their drought tolerance and adaptability to the alkaline soils of Central and South Texas make them an excellent choice for our yards and gardens.

Common Names: