La Tejana Tree Sales specializes in Selling and transporting Trees Nationwide

La Tejana Tree Sales specializes in providing expertise and guidance in the sale and transport of trees and plants to individuals, businesses or organizations nationwide. Our primary role is assisting our clients in selecting the appropriate trees and plants for their specific needs and preferences. As green industry consultants we provide more specific information tailored to the needs of individuals, businesses, and government agencies.

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La Tejana Tree Sales works with a diverse clientele

As tree and plant brokers as well as consultants, we typically collaborate with a variety of clients involved in the landscaping, horticulture, or gardening industry. We help them acquire specific plant species and varieties that align with their creative vision and project requirements. The clients that utilize our services are generally:

Private Estate Owners

Landscape Contractors

Construction Companies

Property Developers

Landscape Architects and Designers

Municipalities and Government Agencies

La Tejana's comprehensive services

By combining the roles of broker and consultant, we offer an all-inclusive package of services that encompass both the procurement of trees and plants and the provision of expert advice and support through your project’s lifecycle. Here are the ways we overlap these roles so they complement each other:

Consultation and Assessment

To understand project requirements, including site conditions, budget, aesthetic preferences, long-term maintenance, time-table for completion and—if needed—conduct site visits and analyze existing landscapes.

Recommendations and Advice

Including developing a comprehensive project plan when needed.

Real-Time Quotes and Estimates

Detailed fixed price quotes and terms for goods or services—generally considered a formal offer and may be legally binding when accepted. Estimates—rough approximations of cost and more flexible/subject to change, and not typically a binding agreement.

Sourcing and Evaluation

Our long-standing relationships with various tree and plant suppliers, nurseries, and growers provide our clients access to a wide variety of plants and trees. These relationships make assessing the quality, health, and suitability of trees and plants they offer simple. 

Negotiation and Pricing

We negotiate with suppliers on behalf of buyers to secure competitive pricing and favorable terms. We aim to find a balance between the buyer’s budget and the quality of the products. 

Logistics Coordination

Arranging the logistics of transporting the trees or plants from the supplier to the buyer’s location ensuring proper packaging and handling from tree and plant sources to delivering.

How We Help Contractors

One of the biggest expenses contractors have are inhouse landscape material buyers and estimators. We have a simple solution to eliminating this cost—just hire us to do it for you. As brokers we are out there every day visiting farms, talking to growers, and reviewing hot sheets from all over the country. We scour databases non-stop and know who has what, how many and how much it costs.

We do accurate real-time projections so when you give a quote that isn’t accepted until 2 years down the road you are not scrambling at the last minute trying to find an 8″caliper B&B tree for $800. Let us handle your material sourcing and evaluations. Let us relieve you of the burdens that keep you up at night so you can focus on going out there and closing more deals. 

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