Always green trees


Bottlebrush plants (Callistemon spp.) get their name from the spikes of flowers that bloom at the ends of the stems, bearing a strong resemblance to a bottle brush. Grow them as shrubs or small trees that grow up to 15 feet. Most bottlebrush varieties bloom over a long summer season in shades of red or crimson.

Cherry Laurel

Cherry-Laurel is a dependable, easily grown, North American native, is densely foliated with glossy, dark green, evergreen leaves. The tree can reach 40 feet in height with a 25-foot spread. With age the bark becomes almost black. It grows in most conditions but does not like high temperatures or hot, dry locations.

Cypress (Italian)

Italian Cypress trees give height to foundation plantings without taking up a lot of room. They grow almost anywhere, require little water and can adapt to any soil type you may have. These fast growers can shoot up to 2-3 ft. a year while giving you dense foliage, soft texture and symmetrical shape.

Cypress (Leyland)

Known for its fast growth rate of around 3 feet per year, the Leyland Cypress Tree is perfect for those searching for privacy. Leyland Cypress is a hardy plant that grows to be up to 35-40 feet tall. Leyland Cypress are very hardy plants and easy to care for requiring simple maintenance. They are also known to be drought tolerant.

Indian laurel

Fast growing dense evergreen foliage and is a fast grower that provides a thick dense canopy of shade and has many uses for your landscape. These trees come in a few different styles, multi trunk and column style. Great tree for privacy, screening from golf balls and sound barrier. It can be planted in nearly any landscape and can thrive in our climate.

Japanese Blueberry

Japanese blueberry tree is a low maintenance, small to medium sized tree that typically matures at between 20 and 35 feet in height with a similar canopy width, but it may become taller with age. It grows well in full sun or partial shade, and prefers well-drained soil and regular water until established.


Japanese Yews are lively evergreens with thick foliage that grows together to create a solid wall to provide your yard and home with privacy. Japanese Yews are popular choices for trees, or hedges because they are incredibly low maintenance. They also have a high level of drought resistance and are shade tolerant.

Ligustrum (Japanese Privet)

Ligustrum japonicum is a thick, evergreen shrub that grows up to 20 ft in height. The trunks usually occur as multiple stems with many long, leafy branches. The glossy evergreen leaves are abundantly produced on the upright, spreading branches. The small, white, malodorous flowers appear in terminal panicles during spring in the south and in the summer in northern climes.

Ligustrum (Wax Leaf Privet)

This dense evergreen shrub of an upright habit is capable of growing as a shrub or small tree. Its dark green, leathery leaves are opposite those of a simple evergreen. The extremely tolerant privet isn't picky about soil, and can grow in dry, medium or average soil types. Wax-leaf privet thrives in full sun or partial shade and is drought resistant.

Southern Magnolia

The Southern Magnolia is beloved for its year-round foliage and delightful, large, late-spring flowers. This evergreen is considered both a flowering tree and an ornamental tree. It grows to a height of 60–80' and a spread of around 40' at maturity. This tree grows at a slow to medium rate, with height increases of anywhere from less than 12" to 24" per year.


The live oak tree is a southern symbol of strength. The name live oaks came from the fact that they remain green and "alive" throughout the winter when other oak trees are dormant and leafless. Once established a live oak will grow about 2-4 feet overall and 1 inch of caliper per year. It is the broadest spreading of the oaks producing an abundance of shade.